• All about Gum Diseases

    Most people hear the words “gum disease” and think it’s a minor issue compared to so many other health problems. However, gum disease is a very serious issue. In fact, it can cause problems not only for your teeth and gums, but also for your entire body—including your heart, lungs, brain, and joints. The American Academy of Periodontology notes that people who suffer from coronary artery disease are twice as likely to have gum disease. Gum disease has also been linked to respiratory illnesses, cancer, diabetes, premature births, arthritis, and strokes. A recent study conducted by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine linked gum disease to both natural and artificial joint failure.

    It only takes twenty-four hours for colonizing bacteria to create dental plaque—a yellow sticky biofilm on your teeth. This bacterium can burrow into your gums, causing inflammation, bleeding, and discoloration. If left untreated, the same bacteria that create plaque and gum disease can enter your bloodstream and afflict other systems. It only takes two days for plaque to begin to harden, becoming calculus. Calculus, or tartar, can usually only be removed by a professional cleaning … and if you have calculus, chances are good you will need gum disease therapy, too.

    If you don’t have a proper homecare routine, you’re opening the door to gum disease. Brushing and rinsing twice and flossing once every day offers a solid defense against gum disease—along with regular checkups. Gum disease in advanced stages can cause teeth to shift, or result in tooth loss. Pockets form around your teeth and sometimes become pus-filled. You may also have chronic bad breath.

    Gum disease therapy will return health to your gums and teeth. Gum disease therapy consists of a process called “root scaling and planing.” One of our experienced dental hygienists will scrape off the plaque and calculus from below and above the gum line. We may add antibiotics to your gums after treatments—and we may also recommend products that will keep your gums healthy. Patients who need gum disease therapy will often need more frequent check-ups to ensure continued good oral health.

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